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paper plane engineers

We are Paper Plane Engineers, a versatile digital marketing agency that aims at making your ideas fly.

Here we support and grow your digital presence.

With amazing data systems, we also pride ourselves in giving you access to market research which helps you make data driven decisions for your business.

email automation

Automate email campaigns the right way with smart onboarding, activation and customer nurturing email sequences.

funnel / customer journey

Hit MQL & SQL targets every time. Understand your customer journey properly and optimize it.

data crawling

Sit back and relax while our team provides you with quality leads using latest data crawling technologies.

Let's Talk IDEAS

Scaling solutions requires an understanding of the industry, a focused approach, and keeping up with the latest innovations.

Should you partner with us, you will gain immediate access to digital marketing solutions and frameworks, to get you up and running quickly… without the effort or risk of hiring an internal team.

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