Our Story

Let’s rewind to the beginning when Paper Planes was just an idea that needed to fly. 

At the start of it all Iva Chulu, our founder, had other ventures she was working on and there she saw the power of having branding work for you. She was drawn to the world of colours, creatives, and patterns. 

It is in this time that the idea began to move.

She saw the value and impact digital marketing had on her own businesses.

So inspired by the power the digital universe had in elevating a brand, its awareness as well as the ability to generate traffic and revenue through SEO and other digital marketing techniques, she decided to create an agency that offered these services.

Now our paper plane flies!

Here at Paper Plane Engineers, we believe that what starts out as an idea on a piece of paper can be engineered into a compelling story that takes your brand to new heights. 

We collaborate with our clients to develop unique experiences designed for the digital stratosphere.

 Supported by our depth of data we help businesses grow and build enduring relationships with their communities by delivering data driven marketing strategies, creatively.

your Paper Plane Engineers.